Our Dead Relatives — Williams Family

The Williams were Della Elnora Williams Norman's family.

Her father, Thomas Burr Williams was a veteran of the Civil War. In March of 1864 at age 13 he enlisted in Company H, 140 Illinois Volunteers and was rejected because he was too small. The next year at 14 in March 1865 he again enlisted in Col I, 15th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and was sent to Chicago, Illinois. Besides himself he had four brothers and a step–father in the war. All the brothers returned but the stepfather didn't.

He joined the Grand Army of the Republic in 1884. He was drafted into the office of Junior Vice Commander in 1937, advancing to the Department Commander in 1939, the highest office the department has. In 1941 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the GAR. He was the oldest living resident of Chapman, Kansas at the time of his death in 1944.

The Williams Family