Our Dead Relatives — Prather Family

Sarah Emily Moore Tuttle's mother was a Prather.

After the death of her father in 1849 her mother, Henrietta and two daughters moved to Jefferson, Indiana to the home of her grandparents, C.W. Prather.

In 1855 Henrietta married Lewis Tuttle following the death of his wife Abigail Willey Tuttle. Two of his sons by Abigail, William Lewis and Henry married Henrietta's two daughters, Sarah Emily and Mary Louisa Moore.

The two families left Indiana in 1866 and arrived in Douglas Co, Kansas on April 2nd, 1866. They bought adjacent farms at Blue Mound, near Vinland, Douglas Co, Kansas.

We have information on the Prather family back to John Prather, who was born before 1500 in Wiltshire, England.

The Prather Family