Our Dead Relatives — Park Family

Francis Marion Park and his family lived at Walnut Grove, McDonough Co, Illinois until 1885. They purchased a covered wagon and equipment and moved with their five children to Kansas traveling through Iowa and Nebraska. They arrived in Republic Co. Kansas on November 27, 1885. They moved in 1895 to White Cloud, Kansas.

Their son Francis Edward Park was a noted collector and archeologist of Native American artifacts. He was a farmer and ran as a Democratic candidate for Sheriff of Doniphan County, Kansas but did not win.

Ed and Samantha Park's son Albert Lawrence was a lawyer and worked as Special Agent, Intelligence Unit, US Treasury Department for 25 years. Held office as County Attorney of Marshall Co, Kansas for two years in the 1930's. Then was in private practice after that. He and his family lived in Lawrence, Kansas after 1951.

The Park Family