Our Dead Relatives — Robert Hawkins

Written by Don Park

Robert Hawkins From War Service and Pension Records, National Archives, Washington, d.C. Service:

  • Private, Co. C, 68 Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry
  • Enlisted 28 Dec 1863 at Antwerp, Ohio
  • Mustered in 28 Feb 1864 at Columbus, Ohio
  • Killed in the "Battle Before Atlanta' on 22 Jul 1864. The surgeon's report says he was shot in the left temple by a Minie' ball and died instantly.

From Pension Application by Mary Ann Jones Hawkins:

  • Robert Hawkins married Mary Ann Jones 12 Jan 1837 in Franklin Co., Indiana
  • Children (all born in Franklin Co., Indiana)
  • Evaline Born: 21 Dec 1839
  • Nancy Born: 04 Nov 1841
  • Rachel J. Born: 04 Mar 1843
  • John M. Born: 24 Apr 1845
  • Ezekiel Born: 26 Apr 1847
  • Elizabeth M. Born: 04 Mar 1849
  • William Born: 19 Apr 1851
  • Mary Ann Jones Hawkins married Zephaniah Bell of Antwerp, Paulding Co., Ohio 26 Jan 1873

From the 1850 Indiana Census, Franklin Co., p. 245 Age Born in Hawkins, Robert 32 IN, Mary A. 31 IN,Nancy 10 IN, Jane 7 IN (Rachel Jane), John 5 IN Ezekiel 3 IN, Elizabeth 1 IN

What happened to Evaline? Perhaps she died before 1850 and Mary Ann was cheating on the number of living children she had in order to get a bigger pension, or possibly the census taker missed Evaline. In any event, Mary Ann received the grand sum of $12 per month as a pension.

Robert and his family moved to Carryall Township near Antwerp, Paulding Co., OH sometime between April 1851 and December 1863.

From the "Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865' Robert Hawkins mustered in with Co. C of the 68th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry at the age of 41 on Dec. 28, 1863 and was killed on Jul. 22, 1864 in the Battle of Atlanta. He is buried in the Cemetery at Marietta, GA in Section E, grave 296. (Note the discrepancy in age.)

Also mustering in with Co. C of the 68th OVVI were George M. Hawkins, age 18, on Dec. 28, 1863, and John M. Hawkins, age 18, on Dec. 26, 1863. George and John survived the war and mustered out on Jul. 10, 1865. (John M. Hawkins was almost certainly the son of Robert.)

From the Annals of the Civil War in "Reports, Etc' for the Military Division of the Mississippi, Army of the Tennessee The 68th OVVI was in the Seventeenth Army Corp, Third Division, Second Brigade. An account of their activities on 22 Jul 1864 appears on page 573 of the Annals cited. Based on that account plus battlefield maps, one can locate the approximate place where Robert Hawkins died. The spot is now near the intersection of I-20 and Boulevard Street in Atlanta. This spot is near Grant Park and the Civil War Cyclorama and not far from Decatur, GA.

Speculation on Father of Robert Hawkins I do not know the identity of the father of Robert Hawkins. However, detailed study of the census records for the part of Indiana near the present Franklin Co. for the period 1820 to 1850 led me to believe that it was likely that Robert Hawkins (1818-1864) was the son of Robert Hawkins who was probably the son of John Hawkins. It also appears likely that John had additional sons named Nathan, Reuben, John, and James. I have a certified copy of the official record of the marriage of a Robert Hawkins to Sarah Curry on 25 Jul 1816 in Franklin Co, IN by John Brison, J.P., which adds a little credence to the thought that Robert (1818-1864) was the son of Robert. However, this is speculation based mostly on census records, which are sometimes erroneous. That is why I have left the father of Robert (1818-1864) as unknown on my own genealogical summaries.

I have been trying for about 25 years to find proof of the identity of Robert's father without success. I would appreciate receiving any data you might have on this individual, who was my g-g-g grandfather.

William Hawkins (son of Robert) married Matilda Sines in 1873 in Paulding Co., OH. They had a son John, Born: 1874, and a daughter, Samantha Ellen, Born: 03 Mar 1880. Matilda died of tuberculosis 06 Mar 1882.

Matilda's sister, Samantha Jane married Lavirus Bell in Paulding Co., OH 19 Dec 1865. Samantha Jane and Lavirus Bell raised Samantha Ellen after Matilda died. Samantha Jane referred to her niece as "Little Mattie', which was undoubtedly a reference to Matilda. (I don't know if Lavirus Bell was related to the Zephaniah Bell who married Mary Ann Hawkins (Robert's widow – see above) or not, but I bet they were related. Lavirus Bell was a Division Teamster for the division in which Robert Hawkins served.

The Antwerp, Paulding Co., OH records show a marriage between John Hawkins and Susan Sines on 18 Oct 1866. I suspect that Susan was the sister of Matilda and Samantha Jane and that John Hawkins was the son of Robert Hawkins.